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We have worked with leading organizations to foster intercultural competence in the diversity and inclusion space.


Create a stronger, more dynamic work team with Diversity and Inclusion training.  Narrow the potential for stifled productivity, and harassment and discrimination complaints. Our trainings aren’t just an investment and growth engine for your company, they are an investment and growth engine for your staff members as well.

Click on the facts below to learn what the numbers are telling us.

An empathy index published in the Harvard Business Review found the 10 most empathetic companies increased in value more than twice as much as those at the bottom of the index. They also generated 50% more earnings from one year to the next.

Ninety percent of employees are more likely to stay with an organization that empathizes with their needs. More than two-thirds of employees in tech, healthcare, and financial services reported they would be willing to make trade-offs on pay if it meant working for a more empathetic employer.

The average Fortune 500 company loses $6.7 million per year due to sexual harassment claims. If the claim is settled out of court, the average harassment claim will typically run an organization anywhere from $75,000–$125,000. If it goes to court, employers are often looking at more like double those numbers, again in legal fees alone.

Research suggests that when men learn about suffering from a victim’s viewpoint, there’s a lower likelihood that they will sexually harass. In other words, an increase in empathy equals a reduction in harassment.

In 2016 alone, US companies spent about $2.2 billion on insurance policies covering the legal fallout from sexual harassment, racial discrimination and unfair-dismissal accusations.

Those are the facts.  How will your organization deal with them?