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At Virtual Reality Training Hub, we ensure the solutions we offer fit your needs. Here’s a listing of our current services: 

We work with clients within three tiers of partnership:

Awareness Building – Expose your audiences to the nuances of Diversity and Inclusion best practices. Build empathy, identify proper courses of action, and set yourself or your staff up to thrive in inclusive settings.

Training – Move beyond the subtleties traditionally associated with Diversity and Inclusion. Using experiential training, we will work with you to deliver deeper learnings on mastering professionalism within diverse audiences and settings. Set yourself or your staff up to foster a climate that grows from diversity and inclusion in ways that tangibly improve the company.

Transformation – If you are seeking a complete culture change, 5D Technology Solutions can help. Through immersive trainings, we set specific trainings into motion that help participants move along a Theory of Change built especially for your organization. You will see a transformed organizational culture.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We have a variety of virtual training modules that are designed for impactful diversity and inclusion training. Our trainings are unique, interactive and immersive in nature. The entire experience is memorable and eye-opening for its participants. You'll have access to our full library of out-of-the-box Diversity and Inclusion virtual reality training modules and the ability to customize as well.

Custom-built Training modules

While working with Virtual Reality Training Hub (it currently says 5D Technology Solutions) you'll have access to our full library of out-of-the-box Diversity and Inclusion virtual reality training modules, however we are also poised to help you build the unique training experience that your company needs. We can build the experience you want. From industry specific training, to the recreation of specific training scenarios, we can bring your vision to fruition.