why virtual reality?

Study after study proves our Virtual Reality approach delivers a higher ROI in all categories: 

  • Information retention
  • Emotional intelligence growth
  • Recognizing and reducing implicit and unconscious bias

It’s time to be proactive and strategic about Diversity and Inclusion training. Passive seminars and legalistic jargon in the employee handbook are not successful tools. They are not building a culture of inclusiveness in your office. They certainly are not reducing the risk and liability against harassment and discrimination claims. Worst of all, companies weak on Diversity and Inclusion are less competitive in the marketplace, and less likely to help employees thrive while meeting performance goals. Virtual Reality Training Hub offers a more nuanced approach to help move you and your company to a seat of power and preparedness. – AND – It’s not another boring seminar!

Virtual Reality Training is:

  • Faster: In as little as 30 minutes, a user can experience multiple learning scenarios which would otherwise be taught through chapters on chapters of reading and discussion.
  • Efficient: Our immersive training experiences saves time, boosts information retention, and is replicable for your growing staff.
  • Effective: Not only does VR’s experiential learning boast a long-term retention rate heads and tales over traditional e-learning methods, it actively builds empathy. Empathy building is a critical agent of change for social interaction topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Office Courtesy, and Workplace Engagement.